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Will cater to your needs

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To provide something needed or missing: Explore Thesaurus.

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Open Dictionary Saber's Beads detached points of light seen on thin waxing or waning lunar crescents visually reminiscent yojr the moments Mature sex San antonio and after a total solar eclipse add a word. More submissions mandem slum golf dedupe spike strip tip down culturicide urban golf front-footed presencing view Will cater to your needs. Devon British English.

gour AndygcJan 18, London but from Yorkshire English - England. I feel that you cater to the repected recipient of your services - We cater to the nobility. Catering for is more a matter of solving a problem.

Of course you can regard the recipient of your services as a sort of problem and cater for them. It's neeeds difference between providing a service and doing a job.

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Jan Will cater to your needs, Ugh, I don't understand why you'll are being so heeds about the specifics Assuming that we are all native speakers, which I am, when reading something that has "cater to," I still understand what's being said in the context. I could only see it would be necessary fater correctly utilize either "to" or "for" after cater if it was on an English exam in college as English as your major interest of study.

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JulianStuartJan 19, Jan 19, AndygcJan 19, EStjarnOct 29, EdisonBhola Senior Member Korean. How about for tastes, such as in music, fashion, or nreds.

Based on the discussion here, we should say "cater TO different tastes"? EdisonBholaJun 12, For example, "Our music shop caters to a variety of taste" is correct and "Our music shop caters for a variety of taste" is wrong.

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WiklJun 15, Jun Will cater to your needs, By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie RoPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I needed "cater" as an adjective today, and I didn't enjoy how it worked out; and not only due to the spell checked thumbing its nose at me.

I've come to be mildly annoyed by all of them over time: Horowitz ".

The issue of funding has yet to be addressed. None of the solutions about taking care of problems or rather, not taking care of them captures the sense of "catered" that means special, solicitous care.

I suggest that the speed bump you hit with "catered to problems" is the same one that will throw your readers Will cater to your needs the unfortunate attraction of the preposition " to " to the noun " problems ," as in. I further suggest that the solution is adopt Little Eva's phrasing to hour your modifier after the noun:.

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