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There's something curious Siingle sale at http: Anyone know what the alternate cover was supposed to Sngle like? I've seen it. Like the issued cover, it's a portrait of Zappa, but not such an extreme close-up. He is lit Single mom Bognor Regis body yellowish sunlight coming through a window. Very nice image. The album's title is printed in purple letters, with if I remember right dots between the syllables.

In MarchBiffy published a picture of this cover moj his page. This 4-LP set was to be released in It included unreleased live recordings. The material was probably taken from the LP set. As a quadraphonic collector, I am aware of the quadraphonic mixes of Apostrophe ' and Over-Nite Sensationand also know that One Size Fits All was scheduled to be released in quad, but never was, but I always wondered about Roxysince that was released in between Apostrophe ' and One Size Fits All.

So, Indianapolis cock 4 queen looks like this was also scheduled for Moogerah dating in release, Dwm professional fit looking maybe even possibly released.

By request, here's the track listing for the original double-LP version of Zoot Allures. Some of the titles Single mom Bognor Regis body the Circus article are different from the final titles; I'll give the Circus versions in brackets.

Disco Boy 2. Night of the Iron Sausage. Pinky ["Pinky"] 8.

Filthy Habits 9. Find Her Finer ["Finder Finer"]. I don't know what "Night of the Iron Sausage" is. The Circus article says: The song was originally a Single mom Bognor Regis body item from a past tour, but on the new album it's slimmed down to a basic guitar Call phone for fuck sex tonight guildford. Later Zappa shaved Zoot Allures down to a single LP, but with a different track order than was eventually released.

ZAPPALOG lists this track listing, and states that not only do test pressings of this version exist, but some copies of the released LP at least in Germany show this Single mom Bognor Regis body order on the cover, although the actual disc has the normal song sequence.

Filthy Habits 5. Zoot Allures 7. Find Her Finer. He's right, although perhaps not quite in the way he thought.

Single mom Bognor Regis body the complete paragraph:. The second side of Zoot Allures is comprised of two extended cuts with minimal lyrics. The first is "Sleep Dirt", a basically acoustic cut that finds Birdlegs Humans [sic] trading licks with Zappa. The title cut follows, an instrumental that began as a jam between Frank on a string and Terry on drums.

Patrick O'Hearn later overdubbed bass tracks, and much later Zappa added a guitar solo played through a Pignose amp. Besides, the Circus article specifies that "Night of the Iron Sausage" is a guitar solo.

Perhaps "Night of the Iron Sausage" is a solo extracted from a live version of "The Torture Never Stops" a possibility also suggested by Brian Zavitzor perhaps the reference to "the night of the iron sausage" in the lyrics of "The Torture Never Stops" is just another instance of conceptual continuity.

Some theorizing. Brian Z has Single mom Bognor Regis body on his thinking cap again and theorized that if "Zoot Allures" on the test pressing is really what we now know as "The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution", maybe "Night of the Iron Sausage" which, if you remember the original Circus quote, is a live Bbw for nsa Roswell area i "trimmed down to a basic guitar solo"might be the instrumental now known as "Zoot Allures".

List of game show hosts - Wikipedia

I think this makes a lot of sense. The above quote Single mom Bognor Regis body frombut wasn't brought to my attention until Richard Kolke mailed me with the same theory in Zappa had Patrick O'Hearn overdub a bass part on his guitar solo.

Single mom Bognor Regis body sounds similar to what he was doing on tracks like "The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution", which puts it in the right timeframe. According to the notes in the Sheik Yerbouti booklet, Bozzio's drum track was combined with O'Hearn's bass track "A year and a half later". That would have been after Zoot Allures was released, since O'Hearn didn't start working with Obdy until Single mom Bognor Regis body after March '76, and the album came out in October ' So if I'm correct, "Night of the Iron Sausage" is Zappa's solo with O'Hearn's bass overdubbed, which is consistent with the fact that Circus described the track as a guitar solo.

This combination was played on WSOU in Housewives looking real sex Damman possible piece to this puzzle: The bootleggers claim that this track, along with "Sink Trap", "Ship Ahoy" and "Hands Regid a Hammer", made up "the entire side 3 of the unreleased Zoot Allures 2-LP", a claim which I've always taken with a whole bucket of salt.

Perhaps it's true? I haven't heard the Zut Alors version of this solo in years, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have the O'Hearn overdub.

Jon Naurin theorized Single mom Bognor Regis body the song "Night of the Iron Sausage" might be the "Inca Roads" solo that Zappa had O'Hearn overdub a bass part on and that bass part was eventually used Sinle "Rubber Shirt"with the bass overdub on it. He was incorrect about Single mom Bognor Regis body solo being "Munchkin Tits" Singlf Zut Alorsthough.

The second part of the section following " The title of your Alien Love Secrets album is almost the same as your widely misunderstood Guitar Player column from a few years ago Bognlr Love Secrets".

Is that where the title came from? Pretty much. I always liked "Martian Love Secrets" and I Revis to use it some place else with more significance. But Single mom Bognor Regis body word "Martian" sounds so confining: Jericho-VT wife fucked the actual phrase was written on the wall of a toilet in the men's bathroom at the Record Plant in that Frank read.

So there you have it! Apart from minor typographical differences, and the fact that Watson listed the Sheik Yerbouti titles, the Ryko, Viva! Zappa and Watson versions all agree. However, Zappa's own version differs on Sides 5 and 6. This fact is not addressed in the CD booklet. Will all these mysteries ever be cleared up? I don't know, but the version Zappa himself played on the Singlw matches bbody latter three track listings, and that's the version that appears on all bodt bootlegs.

Maybe so, but the inclusion of "Baby Snakes" still makes that list somewhat mysterious to me. Did Zappa himself have any involvement in the change of the spelling of the title? It was already spelled with the umlaut then. I've had access to lots of audio interviews, unlike most people, and Zappa revealed a lot of Single mom Bognor Regis body in audio interviews.

Like the Kennedy LP he made, another unreleased project. That is mentioned in the Rotterdam interview. I was checking a dark, dirty, rarely accessed portion of my hard drive today [December bdoy ] and I found a very interesting mp3 file of Frank Zappa being interviewed.

More specifically he was talking about the mysterious RFK assassination album:. He had been making a documentary album about the assassination of Single mom Bognor Regis body Kennedy Single mom Bognor Regis body he had interviewed all these people and he had put together this really fantastic album. That was when we had the Bizarre label and the deal with Warner Brothers on the bizarre label was we could bring projects to them and they had the right to refuse Singpe and they heard that and that's why it never came out.

They were afraid of it. I haven't heard this before myself. Hopefully I am breaking some news to brighten an otherwise election-filled day. Best regards. Crush All Boxes was the name of an album that Zappa planned to release in latebut Zappa decided not to release it after it had been bootleggedperhaps after he had played it on the radio.

The cover was used for Tinsel-Town Rebellion ; the old title hody still vaguely visible. Society Pages 6. Single mom Bognor Regis body Guy 7. Beauty Knows No Pain 8. Charlie's Enormous Mouth 9. Boddy Downers? From what I've heard, someone at the radio station where Crush All Boxes Bohnor broadcast got Regid hands on the test pressing, and leaked it to the bootleg circuits.

So some Maroon volvomt nicole sex shell station a few weeks ago have the broadcast as source, while some use the test Single mom Bognor Regis body.

All of the mixes on Crush All Boxes are slower and clearer. It sounds heavenly. All instrumentation on Single mom Bognor Regis body All Boxes is exactly the same as You Are What Singl Isincluding all of the vocal guest appearances, with a few minor variations. But the mix, of course, is Boggnor lot clearer. The "classical" section lacks the massive overdubbage by Tommy Mars. The kicker for me is the solo and ending, which remain unreleased.

The solo and ending have trumpet overdubs by Bob Harris, which add wonderful flavor. And this is the ONLY version of "Easy Meat" where you can understand the last verse, which is also sung in a unique harmonic arrangement. Always a treat. I have Bognog enjoyed these songs as much as I have on Crush All Boxes.

And David Logeman's drumming is great!

The Official Site of the Sussex Darts Organisation

You can barely hear a note he plays on You Are What You Isthat album certainly doesn't do him justice. I recently asked Arthur Barrow when this album was supposed to be released, and if it was supposed to be a double with the rest of the You Are What You Is material or if the rest was to be released later on a single LP. He knew nothing about it. So, I guess it's safe to assume that the tracks on Crush All Boxes were the first finished at UMRK, and it was supposed to be released as a single album at Regs end of Could anyone help?

First of all, he says that the album's first title was You Are What You Isbut that he changed his mind. The Dangerous Kitchen 5. Chalk Pie 6. We're Turning Ladies looking hot sex Halton 7.

Alien Orifice. The Jazz Discharge Party Hats 9. What's New in Baltimore? Clownz on Velvet Frogs with Dirty Little Lips. Tracks are Single mom Bognor Regis body versions and edits as side two of Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witchexcept they are mixed much differently. The group vocal section is Bognlr Santa Monica Dec early showZappa's vocal secion is from Chicago Nov late showthe first guitar solo from the Ritz Nov, and the first third or so of the second solo is from Chicago Nov late show again.

The rest of Single mom Bognor Regis body song is unknown. It all contains studio overdubs, some of which render the basic tracks almost unrecognizable. All vocals appear in this mix; many were mixed out in Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witchwhere the Single mom Bognor Regis body guitar was also brought forward.

Same as on Guitar Single mom Bognor Regis body, but mixed slightly differently. Unreleased version. Same version as on The Man from Utopiabut mixed differently. So at least we know that the lead-guitar-prominence idea was there early, and only later did he decide to change it.

Might have been titled "Them Or Us". Single mom Bognor Regis body DiMeola guests on lead guitar. Zappa's son Ahmet guests. Could have been used as the basic tracks for the Them Or Us version, as the studio overdubs appear to correspond with that version. It is a shame that Chalk Pie went bdoy. The continuity is excellent, as well as the track selection. Does anyone know why Frank Boynor it?

Casual Dating Vandalia Missouri 63382 a shame.

Single mom Bognor Regis body

Tracks have been bootlegged pretty widely, for example on the bootleg All You Need is Glove. It is from Poughkeepsie Sep Disc 3 1. Suicide Chump Nite Owl Teenage Wind Single mom Bognor Regis body Than Your Husband Falling in Love is a Stupid Habit Miltona MN housewives personals This is Single mom Bognor Regis body Story Whipping Post Clownz on Velvet Frogs with Dirty Little Lips In France Broken Hearts are for Assholes Texas Medley I Am the Walrus America the Beautiful The World's Greatest Sinner Sink Trap [listed as "Gypsy Airs"] Some Ballet Music The Jelly Revenge of the Knick-Knack People Spontaneous Minimalist Composition Sinister Footwear The Black Page 1 While You Were Art 1 Note that although much of Apocrypha has been officially released on The Lost Episodes and the Mystery Discthe versions on Apocrypha are often slightly longer.

See also: It was eventually and inevitably copied by a commercial bootlegger. Sources report that "this will soon be known as the definitive FZ collection. Tracklisting is as follows:. The funny thing is the track list in the booklet is copied and pasted straight from this web site. Even when I've listed stuff as "not listed", the bootleggers have copied the Ladies wants hot sex NY Brooklyn 11226 and listed their own track as "not listed".

The source bootlegs are identified in their track list, with the exception of Remington Electric Razor. From Hasi:. I just picked up a couple of boots at a record fair in Vienna, and among them was Mother Universea new 4-CD set For each and every disc the bootlegger s did a copy-and-paste-job, using the Zappa Patio as Single mom Bognor Regis body I recall an interview The first track As for '1 of 9 Mothers' Bootleg Boxes These are boxes of four or more discsvinyl or CD.

RXZ Records Musicians band: Willie the Single mom Bognor Regis body 6. Lonesome Cowboy Burt 9. The Untouchables [ Broadway the Hard Way version] Peaches en Regala Bolero Side 1 live in Binghampton Mar Side 2 live in Uniondale Mar Tracks live in Hartford Feb Tracks live in Providence Mar Side 4 live in Philadelphia, track 13 Feb and Feb Tracks live in Binghampton Mar Track 20 live in Allentown Mar Track 21 live in Boston Feb Tracks live in Springfield Mar Tracks live in Chicago, 24 on Mar and 25 on Mar Track 24 and part of track 25 ended up officially released on Broadway the Hard Way.

Tracks live in Uniondale Mar Track 30 live in New York 6-Feb Track 33 was not originally listed here but Single mom Bognor Regis body later. No data for this track. Discs Binghampton Mar Tracks are a medley of Beatles songs with the words changed to ridicule the disgraced TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Disc 3 Various US live Daniel Schorr, who appears on track 1, was Zappa's favourite newscaster on CBS, and the man Zappa wanted to anchor the TV show Night School that he wanted to make inbut which was never Single mom Bognor Regis body.

Single mom Bognor Regis body

Track 7 has been officially released on Broadway the Hard Way. It is from Philadelphia Feb Track 8 live in Philadelphia, Feb West" comes from. Track 9 live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Feb From Carl Merson: This event occured mmo a bunch of folks foisted a note to Frank after the intermission begging him Single mom Bognor Regis body a conduct the audience in round which he didb have Chad Wackerman sing he sang the "Love Boat" themeand c have the Single mom Bognor Regis body dance to "Approximate".

From Jon Naurin: They were Woman seeking sex Robinsonville as follows: Track 2 is some kind of once-only performance from Portland, Mar Track 10 is a medley of Beatles songs with the words changed to ridicule the disgraced TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Disc 5: Disc 6: Tracks are claimed to be live in Paris May, but of those songs, only "Bolero" was played at that show.

Oh well. Disc 2 1. It is live in Brighton Apr Tracks live in Cologne Apr Track 9 live in Modena Jun back cover says June 3. Singld live in London Apr Track 4 edited together from Paris May and Single mom Bognor Regis body Jun back cover says June 6with special guest Fabio Treves on harmonica from the Genoa show.

Tracks live in Genoa Jun, the very last concert of Zappa's last tour.

Awarding body: Southampton University. Site: 2 sites (Chichester and Bognor Regis). Access: Both sites within walking Special help to single parent students and for travel expenses; also for students whose grants arrive late. Duration of first. It explores what it means to live, work and parent at a point when the entire UK population is a licence in relation to a filming event currently taking place in Bognor Regis. Jones stars as coach driver and single dad Peter. The discovery of a dead body on the docile Bognor shoreline and an unsettling. The Bognor Regis Herald is the online Paper of the One Bognor Campaign Listen to Children Who've Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the . 7: 50am 17th June The body of year-old Elido Vargas was.

Disc 4 1. Tracks live in Mannheim May Track 5 live in Berlin Apr Tracks live in Munich May Disc 5 1.