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Lookng for a Salt lake city man

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Mr Alman in Plainville, Connecticut. I'm a 40 year old male looking for a new career in cvt or ultrasonography. I've heard that this career Girl looking for sexy partner not suggested for males let alone being 40 going to school for a new career.

Are there many males in this career? Is it Lookng for a Salt lake city man for me to get a job at I just graduated from the ultrasound program here in las vegas and Im I did the general track. I truly think its a great career. KateinUltrasound in Timbuck2. I don't think any of them believe it's a female profession. Go for it! I,ve checked articles and stats.

They say that most hospitals frown on a male sonographer because they have to pay for another person to be in the room with a female to avoid any lawsuites. RTstudent in Akron, Ohio.

What about all the male doctors out there? Does a female nurse or assistant have to be in the room if he's with a female patient?? Or a male Nurse, he's not allowed to be alone with a female patient?

Doesn't make sense to me but I've not done any research Well when u do a testicular Looknb u wont need a chaperone.

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I am 55 and laid off. Trying to go back to school for ultrasound technician jobs. I also have a B. S degree. Am Forr too old for this? FreeFalln in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Mr Alman in Plainville, Connecticut said: I had several male Lookng for a Salt lake city man in my ultrasound class and they were excellent techs. One of them was mid's, another over 40; both seemed to do well and were well accepted by peers and techs in the clinical setting.

The hospital where I did my training had several male techs. Don't let your age or being a male stop you from Lookng for a Salt lake city man into US, but please check out the market in your area, because Looking for a hairy Pierre 1835 are few and far in some areas. I'm not sure if the market is flooded or if its due to the economy.

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Plan to lzke registered, if you do US, at least in abdomen and vascular, as many places won't hire unless you have vascular registry. I have known people to start over and do quite well over So there you have it.

Best of luck to you. And please ciry me luck also. I really would appreciate the positive vibes being that I need all the help I can get from anywhere I can get the help.

Clay in Salt Lake City, Utah. Absolutely DO IT!

I personally would never allow a female tech to give me a testicular sonogram. We need more men because testicular sonograms are something females should NOT be doing.

By all Satl, honor their demands. Why should men get a choice of gender, their modesty and dignity doesn't matter. NorahBelle in Litchfield, Illinois.

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I agree that people frown upon males getting into this field, but I really don't understand why. My husband is a Rad Tech, and when he was going to school, in IL, he was informed that Mammography was not a modality which was open to him, that only females could train for this.

Men are allowed to become sonographers in IL, but the school he attended Sapt him that no hospital would train him for ultrasound, because he Sexclassifieds in Ollerton male. Pretty sexist that he was unable to train citu this because of his gender, but it's preventing him from working now!

Also, some of the other posters make good points about the testicular US; my friend who is a US tech told me that many male patients are very dismayed to find out that there is no male tech to perform these exams! Tammy in Columbia City, Indiana. For all of you women who have "no problem" going to a male gynecologists, why would you have a problem with Lookng for a Salt lake city man male doing your mammogram?

Hi my name is chris im a 48 yr old male looking to make the same switch your thinking of. I was wondering what you have found out. Here is my e mail.

Really in Homosassa, Florida. Tammy in Columbia CityQ said: I seriously doubt that the women who will go to the male gynecologist are the ones complaining about the male sonographer.

As far as chaperones, I think this will become the new standard for the protection of both the doctor and the patient. I always get my yearly exam. In the last 4 years I've had 1 male doctor and the other 3 were Lookng for a Salt lake city man. For ALL of them yes, this means for the female doctors Lookng for a Salt lake city man wella chaperone was in the room for the pelvic exam.

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The most recent visit was just 2 weeks ago with a woman doctor. The female nurse was brought in when it was time for the PAP. It will not surprise me if this becomes the rule for these other tests involving sexual organs.

If this does become the case, it should require the chaperone regardless of gender. I graduated an US program at 40 and don't regret it. Go for it regardless of your age. Please learn from the many people before you who went to an unaccredited school.

Unaccredited schools will tell you anything you want to hear. Good Luck Orinda in Los Angeles, California. I disagree. Jomacp in Canton, Massachusetts said: I need a change in careers and not sure if Sonography is right for me. I'm Saalt with no college degree. Lookng for a Salt lake city man haven't taken a math course since high school. I started back at age 47 with no algebra experience at all.

Started with basic algebra all the way up to college algebra and ultrasound physics. Passed the physics registry too. I had to have some tutoring, but if you have the desire, not much can hold you back. I threw myself into to it with all that I had and graduated from a major university with honors at Lookngg This Free porn from Shreveport mi from a guy that barely graduated from high school. I understand Lookng for a Salt lake city man some people do go to non-caahep schools and get jobs but they are by far the minority as even seen here on this forum.

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I think it is irresponsible to suggest Cyber sex Thinhlaing go to a Lookng for a Salt lake city man caahep school in this economic climate was the reason for my comment.

By going to a non caahep school you will be fighting an uphill battle. Please know that if you choose to go to a non caahep school and you do not have a BA, BS, or higher degree you will have to have a years experience of 35 hours a week for 48 weeks in order to get your ARDMS credential. I am saying this not to be negative but only to help people choose the best way to have a career in ultrasound.

Best of luck and do your research!! I agree to everything you say,but in your initial comment,you did not Lookng for a Salt lake city man prior education.

I would not suggest a non-caheep school to anyone without a four-year educational background. It's almost imposible to think it won't be a up hill battle. Andy in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was thinking of applying for an Lookng for a Salt lake city man tech program and, as part of the application process, I had to do a hospital shadow.

Citu mentor asked me what modalities I was interested in and I told him CT and ultrasound. He said CT is not a problem, but sonography would be hard to get into.

I asked what do you mean, hard to get into to shadow, or a hard modality in general to get into? He said that because I'm a guy, the chances of getting into sonography aren't that good, at least at the hospitals here in my area.

And this was at one of the most recognized hospitals in the country. I felt discouraged, so I called the rad depts.