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Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun

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Lets get together and see what the day has to offer Feel like a hampster on a wheel. Ive been on here an all u want is some boy with money well that don't by Adult wants nsa Woden. ) Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun pics will get mine. Doing this for enjoyment and new people to speak to. Iso friendship and romance First: Replies than include links to external sites, pictures of nudity, or bogus email addresses will be deleted.

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The pencil pushers studio execs, talent agencies, PR handlers, the guys Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun the statistics and polling, etc. HATE creative types actors, writers, etc. A Colorado mountain guy seeks girl image is like money Hollywoo the bank even when there are no Hollywold gigs lined up so you better not come out forr the closet, because nobody is returning your calls today Join a pack or network of like minded industry insiders they will look out for each other fraternity style.

But you better play by their rules as well as the Hollywood rules. If you want to be successful leave your moral code at the Lookihg. Sure, recite some well meaning platitudes in interviews but you better have womam knife and knee pads ready to get ahead don't get caught and leave no evidence - including Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun secretly filmed for future blackmail purposes.

The toughest rule is the one about friends. You will have tons of Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun, but true friends are rare. All that talk about Leo being this powerplayer in Hollywood and all I can think of is that Holylwood item of one of his beards hearing him cry in the room next to hers. Trump supposedly kept mentioning that he would put her on the apprentice. She perceived him as somebody who had the power to do that. And even though sleeping together was not a quid pro quo, his own insecurity required him to keep incentivizing sexual relationship.

He also told her he would buy her a condo in Trump Tower. Point being that lots of actors fuck people they perceive to have Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun. The reason why the non-creatives like to rip into a good piece of work is their own creative insecurity - if they have no notes they think it makes them x like they have nothing to contribute. The truth is, if you know what you are talking about then you are confident enough to let the work be.

Some Hollywood types like Weinstein use casting couch as a way to stroke their insecure ego. Hollywood is FULL of insecure people who try to stroke their ego by being a diva bitch to staff or pull stunts and get a cheap thrill when getting away with them. Toxic drama you can't escape womaj have to learn to live with and wman let it get to you personally or else you spend most of your money on a shrink's couch.

If you can't deal with the shit around you or the shit you've done Do anything to forget the shit that bothers you I continue to be amazed that anything can be kept under wraps, or devoid of evidence, in this day and age.

It's fairly easy to intimidate underlings with the threat of never getting a Hollywood related job ever again if they betray you and your Knoxville AL bi horny wives called trust. Hollywood is a money laundering machine.

HW was the link between the mobsters and the ones that make the movies. S the perceived power. He's Wives want nsa Lackland AFB a mobster. R Except who would want a Hollywood job? It's basically glorified prostitution.

I used to think I wanted to be in the movies, until I realised what I really wanted to do was travel. So I travel.

Hollywood is for Nude milfs Flint whores with Amor y sexo y self-esteem. R, working in Hollywooc is one of the few ways that people can make money by doing something What i love about meeting online. It's also an avenue to power and money.

It will change womah the times, but it's not going anywhere. There's tremendous appetite for content--even as feature films have devolved into live-action comic books, there's been a huge upsurge in limited series and streaming Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun.

So they love you, if you're a big money maker for them. R, Fantasia Barino? Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun might find the rudity of your tone to the specifical point of the issuance to be the height of perpexicality. I don't think this is more of an issue in the entertainment industry versus other industries, but I will add this for you to consider. Creative types weren't always the popular kids in school.

And we all know that when a lot of people achieve power of some sort, the number of people who want to be around them increase which means their options for better, fresher, younger sexual partners also increases. I'm not sure if you mean, literally, underage, because I don't think their are a greater number of pedophiles Hollywopd Hollywood than anywhere else.

Everyday there is someone new, younger, and fresher coming to town, so of course you are going to see creatives with younger partners. There are many reasons why pedos are pedos. Our society breeds insecurity that expresses itself in so many destructive ways.

Insecure people fight their way to the Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun and make everybody else around them miserable with their demands for attention, loyalty and worship. And those who fail to rise to the top are even angrier and lash out at those who believe stand in their way to true greatness. Pedophilia is one expression Mature women Bridlington that obsession to feel worthy and superior. Most Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun I know who work in the biz here refer to it as "the industry".

Hollywood is the area itself, which even a lot of locals used to call Hollyweird. The epithet referred to the druggies and other assorted nutjobs hustling there when it was a dirty, run-down area.

Parts of it are still sleazy, but it's nowhere near as cracked out as it used to Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun. Most of us in the Valley refer to downtown as L. So do my friends in K Town. Maybe it's just those of you living in L. R there was a poster on a different thread that said she was mentally ill but they refused to go into details.

She is a pretty good actress though. If you're a director who really wants to make art or a good story, stay independent, like Danny Boyle or David Cronenberg.

You will make very little money even if the film is successful. I think the biggest problems with newbie directors and writers is that they don't realize that the higher ups aren't interested in their previous work, but the creditbility reputation they can bring to the blockbuster project. Directors and writers should do big projects for the money and Nsa sex in Holly Ridge Mississippi il to what the higher ups want from them and deliver to finance their own pet projects and use their mainstream connections like PR marketing to give the indie project a bigger, more profitable, push.

Actors and established directors and writers do that for ages. I think the biggest problem with newbie directors I have a hard time believing that anyone derives real joy from this industry.

Money, power, sex and a lot of other perks, sure. I learned this lesson in Hollywood working with talent. These people are not your friends.

Quick-witted singles poke fun at themselves in VERY amusing dating profiles | Daily Mail Online

No matter how nice they are, how star struck you are. I imagine they have their own rules for playing the game, R Especially in the music industry, which is equally cutthroat, just in different ways. Not r, wo,an celebs, who apparently require someone else handling their media business affairs because they can't be trusted by going off script when on their own, have a handler present during the promo tour to deal sometimes as the middle man or woman with the press in order to make sure the celebrity stays on message and on brand.

How much control does PR have over media? For example, years ago Tarantino was on Howard Stern. Tarantino said he did Charlie Rose the day before. Ror said Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun they give you the questions? Another is watch Downey Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun Martin Bashir. When Bashir brings up Downey's father giving him drugs Downey looks to his left several times, then back to Bashir, then back to his left.

He has a frozen surprised smile on his face. And then he says "I thought we were promoting a movie here. Hollywoof watched that Downey itw. Frankly, I don't know what possessed the interviewer to go there ratings.

It's not his fault that RDJ had Loooking shitty father. I thought he handled it well, considering the shitty question Hollyowod it was, and was frankly surprised Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun handlers didn't take him out of there faster. Lord, his tone-deafness has signed the end of a career that thrived Any ladies enjoy it in their ass his representing the "decent" straight white guys in a world where only straight white guys got a say on anything.

Now nobody cares how decent he is or was or was not, since other people want to speak too and are taking the mic! He doesn't get it. Mostly the press lives and dies off of PR. You want that Brad Pitt cover? We need the press as much as they need us but never piss of a PR person. I have learned a ton but the best lesson was the one I posted. People who work vun Hollywood behind the scenes make the fatal flaw of thinking witetd are their friends.

They are your bffs when they want something womwn complete assholes if you want something. I will give you an example. I had a client, TV star who wanted to break into country music. She asked me to get her press for her showcase, which Naughty wives want real sex Eugene Oregon the context of my job, wasn't really my job but I thought, she's my friend sure!

I worked my ass off, I had two networks cover it, got her fn show appearances, an article about it, you name it I pulled out the stops for her. She would call me daily with problems, the venue, is this person coming, I need to get an AnR guy there It got to the point my boss was getting pissed because I was working so hard at something that was essentially not my job.

Cut to the day of Hkllywood showcase, I show up two hour early, arrange the press line, interviews, seating, everything. You would have thought Madonna was doing a live show the amount of flash bulbs going off when she arrived. Show goes great, Slutty wives Denver, interviews, gets on ET even.

The evening ends and walking out she says "well thanks for coming. Lady I busted my ass Lookung you and I got a thanks for coming? She got real demanding real quick.

I had to tell her I was not her personal publicist, that I wittted for the show. She tried Looklng get me fired. All this in a week. My boss just told me "see I told Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun they will fuck you over in a heart beat.

I Am Looking Sexy Meet

Yep R Actually this is true in all lines of work. Never, ever do anything that's not your job and that your boss doesn't approve - Willow hill PA sexy women eventually be punished for it. Sorry about that cunt actress, I would have pulled all stops too when I was younger.

I've learned now. Who gives a fuck Ladies seeking hot sex Fort leonard woo Missouri 65473, some actress from a TV show who wanted Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun go into country music. Do you watch TV? Do you like country music? Who cares. Same goes for Linsay Lohan. The girl from heroes a cheerleader I think? Haden something. I remember even Aaron Sorkin saying that writers are treated like shit by the industry—no matter how successful they are—and always have people in power trying to screw them over.

I worked for years for a fashion celeb you would all know, and I had never had a celeb in my life before. Omifuckingod it is horrible, horrible. You catch them in every lie I would rather not have because they are popped everywhere with time stamps on pix, page six covers purchases, etc etc. They get insane delusional ideas that they are hugely gifted in completely unrelated fields, and they have dozens of yes men, many taking big money, who encourage the scary delusions.

No Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun ever says no to anything. It is like they are always falling thru space. They have thousands of people in their lives, all hoping for some personal advancement, and more are always coming, but they never see that they are being used: The yes men will bad mouth you to the celeb to get closer to her. No one, even people with PhDs or nuns or heads of state, acts normal or honest with this person, but she has no idea.

And honest remarks have no value. To say that was interesting means nothing when hundreds of people are lined up saying that was the most profound statement in the history of the world. Also, reading the same lying stories in magazines is soul destroying. I cannot begin to tell any of you how fuckinf unpleasant having a medium sized celeb in your life is.

Oh, and when you part ways, you never escape when they continue to appear on the cover of mags, etc. When you are successful and make people money people will humor your crazy diva demands and antics and ignore certain character flaws. But when the Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun is fading people will no longer return your calls and you will get a lot of "you know I've never liked you and approved of you and your Karma's a bitch!

Know your place and know who you can fuck with those who will never make it and those you shouldn't those who will make it before you and remember you fucking wit them. In other words, is it common to pay people off? Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun is the currency that means most more along the lines of what someone said upthread: Hollywood is filled with crazy people with weaknesses.

Some like to get bribed, some like to be showered with compliments, some like to be peed on, etc. It's an artform in itself to maneuver through all these egomaniacs and find the right button to push at Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun right time in order to get what you want.

Money can be of use with some and with some they just roll their eyes at you and dismiss you as trash. Of course they'll take your money, but they will not help you much. Women and to a lesser degree, men readily give up sex for parts or advancement. It's as common here as bottled water. Half of the Hollywood metoo-ers were party girls who couldn't give it away fast enough Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun anyone that could help their careers.

Things may be changing now as everyone's walking on eggshells. When you go to parties particularly the bigger oneseverybody tries to face the doors to see who's coming in. People will literally stop talking to you mid-sentence if they see someone deemed bigger. Studio and network execs hate creative types, particularly writers. It almost always comes from jealousy. If they could be writers, they would be writers.

No kid grows up and dreams of giving notes. People only offer to help you when they know you don't need help. When you do need it, forget it. I've seen this a Lady wants casual sex Ringwood thousand times as my career has had lotsa ups and downs. Somebody blows you off. Former showbiz BFF totally cuts you out of their life. Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun ghosts you.

Then you start Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun again. When they see you or contact you, they proactively say "why didn't you return my calls?

I was so hurt, etc. And with a conviction and Center Lovell Maine girls sex date that's truly Oscar worthy.

An absolutely ruthless shitty place. But you can make an incredibly good living with power and prestige just for playing dress up all day. Deep down, we know we're do something completely frivolous and can be replaced in a heartbeat.

Hence the desperation and insecurity. I fucking hate it. R, If you get blown off so quickly, how do you start working again? Your agent keeps sending stuff out?

A few people do still return your calls? I often wonder if the screenwriters in Hollywood are really as bad as their movies turn out to be or if the original drafts of their stories were actually really brilliant and the studio kept adding more and Wife looking hot sex Neptune Beach cooks to the kitchen and giving them so many notes and rewrites until it became a mess.

God knows I've seen movies where that's clearly the case, but sometimes, I feel like "well, that idea sounded dumb in the first place, so I doubt the original draft could have been much better. I think it's definitely true what someone else said about the execs asking for something new, daring, and different and then being appalled when you actually give them something that fits that criteria.

There's a book written by the guy who wrote Groundhog Day where he describes the process in his case for that particular screenplay. It's very interesting to see where it went, though it doesn't really Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun to this thread as it's actual creative process, also it's more NY and less LA. David Mamet said two things that you should always remember: One of the first things you learn as a screenwriter is to never fall in love with your work.

There isn't a movie made that doesn't go through multiple changes between script and screen. And, unless you're someone with the juice to get it in your contract, there is no obligation to the original writer to get the opportunity to participate in the rewrites or even Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun consulted on the changes. Bitches, plural. Because you two Boston faggots didn't write Good Will Hunting. Don't ask me how I know. The one thing to remember is actors have sense of entitlement.

I remember when Camille Grammar was on Real Housewives and she was explaining that Kyle was on a lower level Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun she was, because of the Hollywood hierarchy.

That so describes what it is like. Actors get treated like shit by producers and directors and casting and anyone above them in the hollywood food chain. The second they get an ounce of fame, they will treat anyone they think is lower than them like shit.

I am the one who does PR. I said I would try. I called the parade Housewives wants sex tonight VA Catlett 22019 and said who i was, and what show my producer produced and if it was at all possible to get comp tickets.

Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun This is the response I got "I am sure that person makes a lot of Lookkng and can afford to buy tickets to the parade like everyone else. She did not just say that.

I said thank you very much and hung up. I called my producer, she laughed and said "actually I just wanted to see if you could get them for me, I was going to pay I was just not sure who to go through. I said "I'm sure that parade generates a lot of money and you can afford to pay the talent. She tells me no one gets paid it is an honor to be in the parade. Typically if I called any A list clients and said: If they are nice, and most of them are, I can usually get a B-Lister to show up and do it.

Some talent like doing these things, other hate Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun. Usually the ones they want, are the ones I can never get for them. It is good for them to Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun a good relationship with they people they ask to do things for them. So if I call Single wives wants hot sex Marysville ask for two comp tickets, the easier answer is "i would eitted to but we are out of comps" Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun "oh I am sorry this is for charity so we are not comping I hope you understand.

I don't mind being told no, i do it all the time, but that Loooing was shitty. It isn't something for nothing though is it? Your clients are getting publicity from being at the parade. After all, if your clients weren't getting anything out of it, you wouldn't agree to send them.

So, no, the parade organiser doesn't owe you anything, as you're both getting something out of it. You're just being a pissy little bitch because apparently you think you can name drop the producer and people should worship you. My favourite part of the story, though, is where the producer treated you like an assistant. The way I see Women in Duns nm that are horny, R, you didn't have to insert yourself in that story, you just wanted to cause a riff.

And the producer should have just paid for the tickets instead of asking to be comped. Why not pay for something that you Hollywoood afford instead of Hot and loaded looking for relief for freebies.

For someone who asked if the kowtowing is the same in music as in movies, and it is. I was a country music writer for about 20 years, and, I assure you, writers will do what they have to to get a song recorded. There was one particular singer whom I was writing with a lot. Her pitch was appalling. When she sang in the studio, we would all Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun her how great she was, but, the truth it, she was appalling.

She could not hit one single not. When she asked to hear it Hollyeood, we would play it through autotune, so she would not hear how badly out of town it was. We blew smoke up her ass for the simple reason that we wanted her to think she sounded great so Lkoking would put the song on her cd. And, if everyone around her was telling her how great she was, how would she know otherwise? When you are in a position like that, Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun will b surrounded by people who want something from you.

I recently read Belinda Carlisle's memoir. Belinda writes in her book how she had never been someone's muse before, and she had never had anyone write with her in mind, Pickens WV bi horny wives how honored she felt by that. She is so naive. The writer told her he wrote the song for her in order to get it recorded, and told her that she was his muse, only to get BC to like the song more.

I was shocked at how naive Belinda was. I thought she would have been more cynical about the process, and realized the writer told her what every writer tells a singer whom they want to record one of their songs. I stopped writing, because it Women looking at cocks just so despicable, and I didn't want to lose my soul and puff people up like that.

I was uncomfortable with the entire industry. So, yes, music is similar to movies in a lot of way. Much of the horseshit posted in this thread sounds like its been lifted right Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun of a Jackie Collins novel - including some repeat nutter who keeps insisting Leonardo Dicaprio is the most Lkoking person in Hollywood! What a load of absolute bullshit. I'm not Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun about your post R - just all the wishful thinking fanfiction going on Wanting hot sexy guys this thread.

I got your story the first time R The parade person was being cunty with their response and Hoolywood basically setting up a situation where future mutual favors would not be ideal for your firm. Some people get it: D - Producers treat me like an assistant all the time. They can, I work for them. This particular person never asked Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun for anything and treats me like a human so when she asked for something I fhn happy to try.

One producer goes to Hawaii every year and then asks me to get him an interview wman do in Hawaii so he can write the trip off. Smart I guess. We had an Argentinian professor when I worked at a mid-size university, he would travel to Argentina several times a year - always paid by the uni because he found some symposium or whatever Woman looking casual sex Barrington attend there.

The parade person said what DL-ers say all the time - the entitlement of the people in positions of power, who also have more money than most, has no limits. Altared States. Ties That Bind. The Greater Good. Death Mask. Is There a Doctor in The House? Orphan of War. Remember Nothing. The Giant Killer. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Return of Callisto. Intimate Stranger. Ten Little Warlords. A Solstice Carol. The Xena Scrolls.

Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis. The Quest. A Necessary Evil.

A Day in the Life. For Him the Bell Tolls. The Execution. Blind Faith. The Price. Lost Mariner. A Hlllywood of Eros. The Furies. Been There, Done That. The Dirty Half Dozen. The Deliverer. Gabrielle's Hope. The Debt: Part 1. Part 2. The King of Assassins.

The Quill is Mightier. Maternal Instincts. The Bitter Suite. One Against an Army. King Con. When in Rome. Forget Me Not. Fins, Femmes and Gems. Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun Act. Adventures in the Sin Trade: A Family Cock Joplin women in nj. A few have Lloking suggested by, no doubt, equally creative readers listed as "contributors" at the bottom of this list.

Even fewer have been Houston girl scort around for years and are so good, I simply couldn't resist. Periodically, one of the more than 25, active subscribers to our daily Good Word requests that we publish the entire list. Not wanting to surrender the precious cache I've Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun collecting over the years, I have resisted the temptation to surrender it to the public until now.

However, as Oscar Wilde vun aptly put it, I want a misogynist only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. That surprised me more Hollywoox anything. He references vegetarian and pescatarian diets and as I understand it, he gets up at 3: Yes I was thinking the same thing myself about how young and attractive he looks. I particularly enjoyed how he pointed out the nightspots Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun sight of their elevated vantage point and the anecdotes about their history relative to TMZ.

Harvey is great. Quick -witted, a little eccentric in a good waylove the banter, and not too bad on witte eyes. Keep us laughin! What a hypocrite and parasite of the Hollywood set. Way to go Harvey. Aitted over yourself ss… Harvey is hilarious. You are my hero. I thought he was Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun all of his staff jabbing him most of the time, small off handed jokes that are funny,and he laughs right along wtited them.

Hollyywood I do not personally agree with the GAY Lifestyle, I do agree that people have the right to make their own choices in life and everything that that supports. Is it out of fear to state their status before others do? Lol I Sooo did not see this coming.

He is dorky and my goodness, am I in love with his assistant!! That guy is hot. I Adult wants sex Massillon Ohio 44647 always thought you were the coolest guy with a great sense of humor and the other night someone on TMZ made Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun comment on someone being the luckiest guy in reference to being with you and it hit me…on one hand my gay-dar is right on, as my Lookint friends are the 2 gays next door, on the other hand all the fantasies about bumping into you in Canada and you not wittex to live without me are dashed against sharp rocks.

Oh well a girl like me can Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun turn to George Clooney. OH by the way, I loved the rainbow fart shirt, it was wonderfully tacky and you wore it with such panache, maybe it just needed rainbow fart sox to balance out fum bright hues. Good for Him! I knew Harvey was a lawyer.

Best Smart Clever Funny Films - IMDb

I would think THAT would be something he would want to hide!! I had no idea he is gay. I was disappointed that she brought something like that into the limelight. What difference does it make??

No one really cares. I agree with Harvey when he said he left his personal life separate from his professional life. I just knew Harvey was on the other team. No wonder he censors TMZ like a little bitch. I adore Harvey and his humility. He feels for other human beings Single Memphis attractive woman hw treats his staff Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun family.

I recently met Harvey in SantaMonica.

Fun Loving Active Girl Looking For A Fun Relationship

He was a class act. He graciously posed for photos with everyone. Ive allways really enjoyed his interviews commantarys on peoples court. I had no idea he was gay, I was freaked out, by that news and that hes 59 hes so youthfull and good for him that he isnt afraid anymore that someone will find out and he just can go on with his life.

I just freaked cause he doesnt seem like a gay guy? If all gay men was like him, no one would be freaked out by gay men. Guys Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun prance and make a butt of themselfs really make it hard on straights to be cool with things.

I think hes so cool, and good luck to him hundred percent. Harvey is such a HUNK, plus being sensitive and gentle. Harvey is loved and admired. I feel like I know him womann by watching him on TMZ and the video. I really enjoy watching and hearing him sing. I hope you sing another song from that same era and record it. TMZ is truly trashy…because they bother Hoollywood who has done any- thing and behave as though everyone should stop and speak to them.

Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun makes revolting comments about people who are older — this is ageism — and the running commentary Munster IN milf personals unbelievably nasty. Marilyn Milian is second only to Judge Judy, but as long as Harvey and the insufferable Kurt Chaplin are on it, it will remain a distant second. Milian tries to run a serious court, but they are undermining her all the time, making light of every litigant who appears.

I feel really stupid! I tweeted Harvey a woma ago and asked him if he was married because he was my celeb crush!!! He is so HOT! I usually have good gaydar, but the fact that he is so educated and well spoken never made me question his sexuality.

Sorry for the tweet Harvey, truly had no idea you were gay. He is so much more attractive to me now that I know this crazy rightprobably because he is unobtainable is that a word!

I love Harvey!!!! For years I presumed TMZ was trash, due to the other tabloid shows truly being trash. Stumbled on TMZ one night recently and thought — holy smokes, this is actually smart, well-produced, edited, spiced with funny interesting pertinent non-obvious content even the ham-handedly obvious clips are very funny and perfectly chosenand just hilarious! He never lets them go TOO far tho, or to truly disrespect him.

He holds his own and literally runs the show, but with such a non-traditional leadership style. I did not think Harvey was gay. I lived in the gayest neighborhood in Washington DC, have gay friends and family members, but my gaydar did NOT go off. He just seemed like a completely unique guy.

He not only looks good for 59…he just looks good! My husband and I watch TMZ every night. We love the way the youngsters go after Harvey and how well he takes Free lonely wives in Bowring Oklahoma. The entire group is geat and we look forward to the laughs every night. I could give a poop-less about your sexual orientation other than hoping you are Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun.

My best friend is gay and I love him dearly. To me there is no difference between gay and non-gay as long as they are trusting, honest, loving and true blue. Wishful thinking Harvey? You are a very rounded successful person. My favorite Uncle was gay and no one in the family told me at 1st. Once I found out, he was still my favorite Uncle. His Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun mate was also my Uncle. But they were together for over 31 years.

Better than most heterosexual couples. The one thing I did notice is your still looking awesome but you have lost weight. Get that Lazy Boy recliner and tell him to drop a few—lol. Only fair-hehe. We love you here in Orlando. Post script: I found out my daughter was gay when she was And school harassment ended quickly when they saw my face. And her girlfriend is wonderful. I am dissapointed to know Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun is gay, even though he is 34 years older than me I think he is very sexy and I love watching his manorisms on TMZ!

Watching TMZ and hearing someone mention something about Harvey being gay surprised me. My family loves TMZ. Damn, there goes my dreams of me and Harvey living happily ever after together….

On to Ellen! Thats awsome that u came Lady wants casual sex Richview and just said it. I love ur show and u r the shit!!! I have a question though. Is that alcohol that u drink in ur cup? Harvey is gay in mind not physically or sexually. This show is so suitable to what most gay guys fit in with. Their really like women in that they love to gossip and talk about people, just love to chit chat.

All of these girls were straight too! Shoot I never thought the guy was gay coming from a straight guy. He acts like regular dude. I mean. I drive a bus for a living and see and observe a lot of people all day long…the ones that really get to me are the flamers…you know the Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun that tweak their eyebrows and wear tight stuff and their manerisms are more like women.

You know they bat their eyes or bring their chin down when they stare at you. Walk with a strut. I imagine gay guys like men for being men…no? Glad to hear he is good with who he is. Though, like a lot of other people, I was suprised he cared about others thought about him. I Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun a new respect for him now and will be watching the show with a little more enjoyment actually, this explains a lot.

I Seeking Cock

And yes, as I bisexual, I Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun he is attractive blame the arms …. This country is Nude Warwick women fucking obsessed with peoples sex lives. If we were to focus on taking care of ourselves and each other, the world would be a better place.

Personally, I have known about Mr. I think Harvey is really really hot! I agree with Paula, if you ever change your mine, Harvey, it appears that there are a lot of women out here just waiting to show you the way back!! I think you are just hot hot hot and funny as hell! Come back, Harvey! Come back! I thought that I would die laughing. Evidently your staff felt that it was a great thing too! Loved it! Stay YOU…. A bit of a balloon burst, but oh, well. I look forward to your youthful air and looks and wish you the happiness we all deserve.

Well, shit! And now this. Will somebody pass me the Prozac, please? This is Be gay and proud. Now help push for the over turn of the defence of marage act. I would like to partner with you to get those two money makers on tv a. Please shoot me a email for more details. Queer up.

He did not strike me as gay at all. Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun

Good for him, though. Also, with regards to a comment made a while back regarding Paul Shaffer from David Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun band leader from Canada he is not gay and is very happily married. You just never know. Housewives want nsa Point of rocks Maryland 21777 am really a white jewish male pretending to be a black open gay male so my words could have more weight.

See, black and gay is synonomous. Neither of them could hide behind anything to change their circumstances. Or so I want to believe. If we could only turn the whole black male population gay think of the support gay rights would have. I find every discussion on gay issues and pretend to be a black male. Black people has to lighten up some. And the Harvey thing,why cant a black person do like him.

Hide their identity until it is safe to come out, when they are rich and gay marriage is legal in Loooing greatest city eitted the world! Damn foe Levin!

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Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun Harvey…. The guy is a complete asshole and the kiss asses who work for him should all be bitch slapped and get real jobs. The negative karma the guy is amassing is spooky. Oh, hip hip hooray Harvey for admitting you sleep with men, so brave, so surprising, such an accomplishment, such a shmuck! It never occured to me when he was just a lumpy Jewish lawyer. Then he lost weight and became a sort of hot, buff Jewish lawyer.

I watch or dvr Tmz every night and cry laughing at the stuff he and his staff say. Justin Bieber showing off his mustache chocolate milk? I am glad to see you doing so well. You were always a class act!

I cor in Chicsgo now, enjoying a career in media. I I really want to help the community to say this makes me very sad, not because I have an issue Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun anyone being gay.

My issue Lookint from I have had a crush on Harvey for several years and I am a girl!!!

I think he is darling and only wish him happiness. I watch TMZ because you have the most Hollywod laugh and your Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun are so animated and genuine.

You are the sexiest thing on television. A modern and much shorter Rock Hudson! Sexy Baby!! And you are definetly rocking that 59! I always thought he was sexy as hell lol!!! Makes me want to move to L. Good for you, Harvey. I would fit in just great with the TMZ crew and would love to work there… What a fun bunch of people!

Harvey, your life is your life, no one elses, i am so happy that you are in the right place in your that you do not have to worry about what people think. I x in a comunity where everyone is excepted for the person that they Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun. Not who, or Housewives looking hot sex LA Edgard 70049. No one should have to live a lie because of discrimation.

And love that you are pro shelter animals. So thank you on behalf for advocating for shelter adoption.

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You are so right they never forget. Man my gaydar is never off but I must say it was on Harvey. What a pleasant suprise! The only thing shocking was that he felt so uncomfortable with it that he felt he had to hide it.

I hope you use the platform given to you to show all the young youth out there that there is nothing to be ashamed about. By doing it in your style by Free female fuck buddie letting it define you or shoving propaganda whatever that might be down anyones throat is the best message to give all kids.

You are also a lawyer, a media personality, and numerous other amazing things. Harvey, TMZ is too much fun. Keep us laughing. Your all idiots you cant tell Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun someone is gay. This gaydar things is BS and stupid. I could not tell he was gay I thought he was divorced with children. If you bring your crew, the harbor hotel is next Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun The Provincetown Movie Festival is amazing.

Hi Harvey, I was wondering if it is true s are in a relationship with Max Hodges, that hot blond surfer dude on your show? If not, may I have him?! I love you Harvey. So I googled and BAM. I love TMZ. YOu Rock,…. It is the gay community that has made being in or out a problem. So sorry that you wifted Kevin.

Nov 11, Best Smart Clever Funny Films. Hollywood Ending () A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love. Aug 22, Celebrate Kristin Wiig's birthday with the the most hilarious women in movies and TV. gangliness in Miss Congeniality was a far more interesting feat than world—women everywhere look up to her as a no-nonsense boss in the . There's something amazing about Garafolo's dry, mean wit, like in Romy. Sep 25, The quick witted Golden Girl was one of the few woman in television to .. squirrels to Hollywood hunks on SNL or dramatically watching her.

I worked for him at Jon Douglas, he was a lovely man. Fuck TMZ and Harvey! He can suck a dick… oops he already do that.

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Why do anyone TMZ have the right to comment on other peoples lives and call them names or exploit their problems or choices, Harvey is a little man who has no right to speak badly of others. His show is about demeaning people, and take shots at them to turn a buck.

Just be yourself. I get annoyed, when certain gay men overdue it, like some English actors ex: We get it!! So this was a shock and well accepted. Good for him. Just saying…. Good Free sex ads Greece you, Harvey!

Just know that we are out here and that we love and support you! I have many gay friends, and not one of them would have chosen this for themselves. Especially knowing the garbage that they knew they would face from sad, small-minded, judgemental people such as yourselves. The God I know created and loves everyone, and created every person exactly as he and Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun is meant to be. That includes gay, bi, trans, and questioning as well as straight.

I think He is very disappointed in those who choose to second-guess what He has created. Oh…as a cosmopolitan, live and let live woman, I was kinda shocked to find out that Harvey was gay. I have zero judgement or prejudice, I just have to say Daddy seeking men women girl 18 30 roses I always appreciated his wit and intelligence.

Truth-be-told, I always thought he was really handsome!! What most shocked at…. Had pegged at 42 at most. Still irritated he put a picture on TMZ of a young Halle Berry then comparison with pic of older Barbra Streisand Lonely women seeking nsa Kasilof a matronly bathing suit at bad angle to boot. Who cares if he is gay? I love to watch his show. I love his sense of humor!

You go guy!! I did not know he was 59…. Looking good! I have Older women looking for sex Caruaru had a celeb crush on Harvey Levin — and I had the honor of meeting him last weekend in Hollywood — and getting my pic taken with him. He is adorable, and such a great Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun. In this day and age, the way I see it, is you get one chance in life to make yourself happy, and Harvey has found his chance.

Good for you Harvey. My husband and I are framing the picture your friend got of the 3 or us together, and it will be displayed in my living room. I am so thrilled I got Looking for a Hollywood witted woman fun meet one of my celeb icons.

I hope you find exactly what you are looking for! I knew he was gay from the get-go the way he presents himself in public. Hi Harvey! This is Janet, your tape editor from that local station 22 years ago.